Crafts in Tulum

Crafts in Tulum have always had decorative patterns, not only do they express belonging. But they are also elements of cultural identification of the Mayan groups. Hence its importance which has a magical symbolic function.

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The Mayan Tradition

The Mayan Crafts in Tulum, is nothing more than a form of social, political and ideological expression of the most developed pre-Hispanic peoples, such as the Mayans. With representations in sculptures and paintings, Mayan art came to have an important value since it is made with material that is extracted from the same area such as limestone, as well as impressive embroidery on clothing made by indigenous women who show from so until today how elaborate they are.

As a result, the construction of civilization achieved great architectural development and reached a degree of sophistication not found among the other peoples of America.

Making Mayan crafts has a high degree of difficulty. From children they learn to elaborate with different techniques, to later sell it to tourists who visit the Yucatan peninsula. This implies time and direct contact with materials such as earth, stone, plaster, mortar, wood, ceramic, terracotta, paper. Also crafts have a strong relationship with beliefs, politics, history, culture and polytheistic religion, composed of various deities of the Mayan civilization.

Paintings made in Mayan crafts, mainly in ceramic, stood out with the production of various murals, which adorned the walls of palaces and temples.

It is common to find people from the Mayan community on the streets of crafts in Tulum selling their handicrafts. If you can buy an original and cultural souvenir, the best place to do it is buying it directly from them.

These are some materials that were used to make most of the crafts:

  • Timber
  • The liana
  • Sea oysters
  • Sand
  • Stars
  • Colored threads
  • Stones
  • Mud
  • Animal’s skin
  • Even human and animal hair.