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The Sanctuary of Mayan Cacao Experience

Learn more about this important, totally organic grain. Learn how to make your own chocolate and experience different flavors combined with raw cacao (chili, vanilla and many more). You will live a unique experience. In addition, you will help preserve this important organic product. In the sanctuary we want to rescue these ancestral traditions and make known the culinary wonders that the Mayans inherited us. Get to know our beautiful Cenote and Sacbé.

History of Cacao Maya

The history of cacao is attributed to different Mayan peoples who have cultivated and used it as an ingredient or even as a currency. For this reason there is a series of articles on the preparation and uses throughout history.

Cacao Rituals

Raw cacao is an element that has had a presence and prominence since time immemorial. With all this, the amount of rituals that revolve around the seed and its products is considerable.

Raw honey and Chocolate with organic or Vegan Food

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Medicinal Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao beans have 54% natural fat. Raw Cacao powder contains 24.5% fat, 19.8% protein, 10.8% carbohydrates, and 37.7% fiber. It also contains numerous physiologically important components. Perfect for Vegan food diet.

A cup of raw cacao contains 100 mg of theobromine and 10 mg of caffeine, therefore, it is responsible for the energizing and stimulating effect.
They also have a stimulating effect. They inhibit the formation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate and endorphins in the brain.

platos de madera con cacao entero y molido
platos de madera con cacao entero y molido

Natural Cocoa Products

During the years of the conquest, raw cacao was appreciated not only for its flavor, but for its stimulating value. Hernan Cortés described to King Charles V that, certainly with just one cup, a soldier could sustain his strength for an entire day.

How do you get to Chococacao Maya?

This historical place, Chococacao Maya, is located on the road that leads to Cobá, in the middle of the jungle, just a few minutes from the archaeological site and right next to the sacred Sacbe built by the ancient Mayans to connect Cobá with Chichén Itzá.

You can get to Chococacao Maya by yourself by renting a car or by boarding public transportation from the Tulum Downtowm.

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