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Welcome To Chococacao Maya

A truly unique and unforgettable Mayan experience that you will not find anywhere else!

Located just minutes from some of the most amazing archaeological sites Coba has to offer, Chococacao Maya is a must do on your next holiday!

The Chococacao Maya Experience

It is a historical place, the ancient Mayans used it as a place of rest and purification before reaching the sacred site of the great pyramid of Coba and there is a part of the road they used to go to Chichen ltza called Sac Be.

Chococacao Maya was for the Mayans, a small rest town where visitors to Cobá made a stop to rest, wash, purify and prepare to reach such an important place. Today it is our sanctuary of Melipona Raw Honey and Raw Cacao with Vegan Food. We transmit the importance of the conservation of the Melipona Bee and Cacao and we conserve a Sacbé that connected Cobá with Chichén Itza.

The Chococacao Maya Experience

Camp at Chococacao Maya and you will be able to sleep like the ancient Mayans, sheltered by the stars, surrounded by lagoons, cenotes and the virgin jungle.

Day trip to Chococacao Maya to enrich yourself within the natural wonders and get hands on with the traditional & organic food experiences!

The Chococacao Maya experience

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Basic camping entrance to Chococacao Maya

Camping Tour in Tulum and Coba

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How do you get to Chococacao Maya?

This historical place, Chococacao Maya, is located on the road that leads to Cobá, in the middle of the jungle, just a few minutes from the archaeological site and right next to the sacred Sacbe built by the ancient Mayans to connect Cobá with Chichén Itzá.

You can get to Chococacao Maya by yourself by renting a car or by boarding public transportation from the Tulum Downtowm.

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