The Mayan Honey

There are several types of Mayan Honey that are harvested in the Mayan area of the Yucatan peninsula. The color, consistency and flavor depend on the type of flower that is taking place in the season.

blond girl interacting with inofensive melipona bees

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Characteristics of Mayan honey

Extracted from jobones (beehives) located in the heart of the Mayan jungle of Cobá

Dzidzilche Dark Honey

Jabin Honey Color Amber

Kanchunuc Honey Amber

Tahonal honey Clear

Winter Multiflora Light Honey

We know well that Mayan Honey contains very important medicinal properties. The most precious honey is known as melipona honey.  For the same reason comes from a stingless bee whose name in the Mayan language is Xunán-Kab. and it only lives in the Yucatan peninsula. This honey is highly valued since it is the quintessential pollinator of the tropical forests of this area and therefore its honey comes from flowers from the Yucatecan jungles.

Melipona honey has been of great importance to the Mayans. It has been more than 3,000 years since they began to produce it. In addition to its sweetness, and exquisite floral flavor, enormous healing effects have been found, since this honey absorbs most of the nutrients found in flowers and plants. Since then, it has been the natural medicine used to date by Mayan shamans and healers, to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, eyes, ears and even for postpartum recovery. They have also considered it the elixir of the gods.

The process of collecting melipona honey involves a very special ritual, since in addition to the fact that the stingless bee is in danger of extinction, each jobón or honeycomb only produces one liter of honey a year and therefore, the ceremony of Harvesting is also carried out on an annual basis.

Very close to the archaeological zone of coba is chococacao maya, a place where you can learn more about this extraordinary medicinal product, which today is giving much to talk about for its properties that strengthen the immune system.