The Mayan Cacao and its great medicinal value

The Mayan Cacao (kakaw in Mayan) was one of the many sacred foods of the Mayans. To the point of having a God for this grain. Ek Chuah. Who was entrusted with the seed because it was a product of exchange between the communities and was the main product of the drinks of the upper ruling classes.

Religious Treasure of Cacao

Cacao was a gift from Kukulkan to the Mayans when creating humanity by the goddess Ixmakune. The Mayan communities celebrated every year a ritual. Where they pay homage to the divinity of cocoa. Ek Chuah, where chocolate painted animal sacrifices were made. Along with offerings of cocoa, incense, honey and animal skins obtained from the jungle. 

The Mayan. Before putting the dry cocoa in sacks, had to eliminate all impurities. Such as stones or other types of grains, which could be split or without almonds. This process was carried out manually and many years later it was done with the help of machinery. That was used to clean unwanted wheat and cocoa beans, with which they had been mixed.

For the purposes of classifying Cacao. A representative sample of beans was taken that were split longitudinally with a guillotine or a sharp razor. Thanks to this cut. The containers were divided into two parts, making it possible to observe the characteristics that are considered adequate to classify the grains according to the grain quality that is needed.

Fray Diego de Landa in his book “Relationship of the Things of Yucatan” wrote that the Mayans made a baptismal rite to children with cocoa referring to the customs and uses of it.

“That they make of corn and ground cocoa a very tasty form of foam with which they celebrate their festivals and that they extract from the cocoa a fat that looks like butter and that from this and from the corn they make another tasty and esteemed drink”.

Historians have been mistaking us, chocolate has very important potential health benefits.

the Mayan Cacao Chocolate

More than 3,000 years ago, the kings of the Yucatan peninsula and people of the ruling class with certain political or religious rank discovered something special about chocolate. And for the next 2,000 years, that secret spread to various parts of the world.

Sadly today’s modern society has lost the secrets that made chocolate extremely healthy AND even more delicious than it is.

Those pre-Hispanic civilizations knew the secret to make chocolate healthier and richer. It all comes down to how you need to prepare.

Most chocolate producers use added sugar and milk to hide preparation methods. It is not the same as the organic chocolate that can be found in places in the Yucatan peninsula such as the sanctuary of the melipona bee and the cocoa in coba.
That is why their commercial chocolates that we buy in stores or supermarkets are cheap and lack flavor and make you feel tired and often in a bad mood.