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What the sacbes are?

A Sacbé (in Mayan language: sakbej) whose meaning is white road, is a straight white road, built by the Mayans to connect their most important cities. In Chococacao Maya we keep a Sacbé that passes through the back and is connected to Chichen Itza.

Mayan glyph SAK that means white

SacBe meaning

The word comes from the Mayan sac (white) and be (road) which literally represents a white road. This path was really special and sacred to the Mayans.

Characteristics of the sacbe

Sacbe characteristics

These ancient paths rise between 30 and 50 cm from the ground surrounded by pebbles and covered with limestone earth that protected them and gave them their name.

aerial view of a sacbe in straight line

The Mayan Highway

It is impressive that the sacbé always go in a straight line, some follow routes of more than 100km. How did the Mayans know where to point their paths?

The Sacbe in Chococacao Maya

In Chococacao Maya we have a Sacbé adjoining the back of our restaurant. We are aware of the great cultural heritage that we have close to us and that is why we always look for a way to protect and conserve it. When you visit us you can see this impressive path that connects the archaeological site of Cobá with the great pyramid of Chichén Itzá.

Sacbe of Chococacao Maya

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How do you get to Chococacao Maya?

This historical place, Chococacao Maya, is located on the road that leads to Cobá, in the middle of the jungle, just a few minutes from the archaeological site and right next to the sacred Sacbe built by the ancient Mayans to connect Cobá with Chichén Itzá.

You can get to Chococacao Maya by yourself by renting a car or by boarding public transportation from the Tulum Downtowm.

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