Essential Tulum Maps for Your Next Trip


Tulum, Mexico, is a beautiful and popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and crystal-clear cenotes. If you’re planning a trip to Tulum, having suitable maps is essential to help you navigate and explore this wonderful city. Here are six of the most useful Tulum Maps for travelers and tourists visiting the Mexican Caribbean.

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Why is Google Maps not enough?

Accurate and up-to-date maps are essential when traveling to a new city. While Google Maps may seem like the obvious choice for navigation, it’s important to consider that the information on Google Maps can often need to be updated, especially in cities that are growing and changing, like Tulum or Cancun.

That’s why investing in a map updated by local people with firsthand knowledge of the city is a good idea. With a map like this, you can be confident that you will get the most current and reliable information about the city’s layout, attractions, and other essential details in Tulum Maps.

google maps tool is not enough to navigate in Tulum

An updated map is handy if you’ve never been to Tulum before and are unfamiliar with the area. It can be easy to get lost or miss important sights if you rely solely on Google Maps, which may not reflect recent changes to the city’s roads, attractions, or infrastructure.

An actualized map can also help you discover hidden gems that may not be listed on more mainstream maps or guidebooks. Local knowledge is invaluable for finding the best restaurants, shops, and other attractions off the beaten path. 

The Best Tulum Maps for Tourists

1.- Tulum City Map

A Tulum City Map is an excellent resource for anyone exploring Tulum city’s many shops, restaurants, and landmarks. This map will help you find your way around the city’s streets and neighborhoods, and it can also help you locate essential services like banks, hospitals, and post offices. With a Tulum City Map, you can plan your day and make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

tulum city map

Download the Oficial Tulum City Map HERE
  • Tulum Restaurants Map
  • Convienence stores Map of Tulum
  • ATM Cashiers Map of Tulum

2.- Tulum Hotels Map

If you’re planning to stay in one of Tulum’s many hotels or resorts, a Tulum Hotel Zone Map is a must-have. This map will show you the location of all the hotels in the city. And the different beach areas where you can relax and soak up the sun with a Tulum Hotel Zone Map. You’ll be able to find the perfect spot for your vacation and make the most of your time on the beach.


3.- Tulum Archaeological Site Map

Do you know where the parking is?
Do you know how to get the Mayan ruins on your own? 

The Tulum Archaeological Site is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. A Tulum Archaeological Site Map can help you navigate the ruins and learn about Mayan culture. This map will show the location of the main structures and landmarks in the site, as well as historical information you’ll appreciate this amazing site’s rich history with Tulum Maps.


Download the Tulum Ruins MAp HERE

4.- Tulum Beach Map

Tulum is known for its beautiful beaches, and a Tulum Beach Map can help you find the perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing in the sun. This map will show you the location of all the public beaches in the city and the private beach clubs that offer amenities like beach chairs, umbrellas, food, and drinks. With a Tulum Beach Maps, you can plan your day at the beach and make the most of your time in the sun.

5.- Tulum Cenotes Map

Finally, a Tulum Cenote Map can help you explore the city’s stunning cenotes, which are natural swimming holes filled with crystal-clear water. This map will show you the location of all the different cenotes in Tulum. As well as the types of activities that can be done in each one.


Download the Cenotes Map Here

You can plan your day exploring these amazing natural wonders with a Tulum Cenote Map. To get the most out of your visit to Tulum. Be sure to download and use these maps to help you to navigate and explore this fantastic city.

Tours to visit Cenotes in Tulum: Cenote Zacil Ha. Gran Cenote. Cenotes Casa Tortuga. Cenotes Yaxmuul. Cenote Kaab Ha. Multun-Ha Cenote. Cenote Tankach-Ha. Cenote Choo-Ha.

6.- The Selfie Route Map in Tulum

One of the best ways to capture the memories of your trip to Tulum is through photos. However, finding the perfect selfie spot can be a challenge. That’s where having Tulum maps of each selfie spot in Tulum can be a valuable tool. With a map, you can easily navigate to the best locations for taking stunning photos to capture your trip’s essence.

Tulum selfie route map

Read more about the Selfie Rout in Tulum Here

From the crystal-clear waters of the cenotes to the vibrant colors of the local street art, having a map of each selfie spot in Tulum will ensure that you don’t miss any of the must-see locations for getting the perfect shot. So why settle for mediocre photos? When you can have a map to guide you to the most photogenic spots in Tulum?