Vegan Food in Tulum and Coba

To find good vegan food in Tulum or Coba in addition to organic food options, it is highly advisable to consult experts in the culinary world who specialize in this type of natural gastronomy. We are going to take a tour of the best vegan restaurants in Tulum and Coba. 

organic food

Some people may be confused or think that this food is not enough for the body, but thanks to the experience I have had with experts on the subject, I can assure you that this food is very good for health as long as it is well balanced, greatly improving natural defenses.


Co.Con Amor

The first place we will recommend is Co.ConAmor its menu has many options for all tastes and vegan palates. It is a small place but with a lot of heart. It is highly recommended to visit it and enjoy its food. We also encourage local consumption.


Something more sophisticated in Tulum, a more established restaurant where we find organic drinks, vegetarian dishes and vegan food in Tulum, with a very good flavor, accessible and healthy for the body. 

In addition to vegetarianism in Tulum, we find vegan cooking workshops and courses to learn more options to bring healthy food to our table and share it with the new generations that are increasingly adopting conscious eating. 

Chococacao Maya

The best organic food restaurant in Tulum. It has earned its reputation for the variety of vegan, vegetarian and organic food in Coba. In addition to his warm attention and service. However, its location in the Mayan jungle a few meters from the pyramids of Coba surpasses all previous options. It is a historical place with Mayan vestiges and a cenote where you can swim. Book your visit now.

There we can enjoy delicious regional vegan food made by hand. You can taste the well-known “Chacletas”. They are made with corn flour and pumpkin seed sauce with tomato. They are really delicious unlike the idea of ​​vegan food.

Another very traditional option of Mexican food is the Organic Sopes, made with beans and vegetables from our garden, accompanied with the homemade chocolate sauce with vanilla, the house specialty.

Simply spectacular for the palate.

In addition to delicious vegan food, we also find 100% organic natural drinks, combinations of beets, ginger, natural coconut and more. You can get to know a famous drink from the native peoples of the region called Pozol con Cacao. It is an organic, energetic and healthy cold drink. It is made with cacao beans and can be sweetened with melipona honey and cinnamon. Visit the Chococacao Menu.